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I am a Passionate and Innovative Product Designer with Expertise in 3D Modeling and Sustainable Design

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Laura García is a passionate Product Designer from Spain with 5 years of professional experience in innovative design. She began her journey at the prestigious Madrid Design School where she honed her skills in user-centered design. After graduating, Laura pursued a Masters in Advanced Design, specializing in sustainable product solutions.

Laura's expertise lies in 3D modeling, user research, and eco-friendly design practices. She is constantly exploring new design frontiers and is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Laura has worked at Verde Design Studio from 2018 to 2020 as a Junior Product Designer. Her responsibilities included leading sustainable design projects, 3D modeling, and client consultations.

Currently, Laura works at Creativa Concepts as a Senior Product Designer since 2021. In this role, she is responsible for project management, user research, and design innovation.

Laura's skills include expertise in 3D modeling and user-centered design. She is also proficient in eco-friendly design practices.

You can connect with Laura on LinkedIn at or reach her via email at